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Convert Any Vent Into A Solar-Powered Vent with Our Solar Star Conversion Kit

The Solar Star Conversion Kit transforms any roof vent into an eco-friendly solar-powered vent.

Now you can easily and quickly use the power of the sun to reduce attic heat and battle moisture

Tax CreditGet a 30% Federal Tax Credit
Keeping your attic cool has never been easier – and with a 30% Federal Tax Credit it's the best time ever to get a Solar Star Attic Fan. For more details visit our Tax Credit Information Center.


  • Boost performance of existing passive vents.
  • Transform energy consuming and noisy powered vents into quiet solar-powered vents.
  • Powered by the sun. NO electrical hook-up, NO electrician and requires NO cost to operate.
  • Choose any sunny roof location to install attractive solar panel.
    Conversion Kit
Kit includes: Fan, 15’ Power Cable, and Solar Panel

Great for Converting:  
gable whilybird
Gable Vents Whirlybirds
dormer powered
Dormer Vents Powered Vents